Changes Coming to Schools in Warren County?

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WARREN, Pa. (Erie News Now) — As the Warren County School District Board continues with their master facilities plan, parents and students voiced concerns they have.

They are concerned that Sheffield and Youngsville Middle High Schools will either close or students will have to go to another school. Parents and students both talked about how much they enjoy the small school environment.

“Do not close the school there is not really any point in doing it,” said Wyatt Lewis, a Youngsville school student.

“They always say it takes a village to raise a child well for some kids in small schools, that village is in the school,” said Tammy Holden, a Sheffield school parent.

“We are fighting to save our school, it does not directly affect her right now but it will in the future,” said Kari Smith said of her daughter Daejah Cochrane Smith.

Landon Snell, a Sheffield school student, said, “small school students fend for each other, big school students do not really look at everyone.”

Tom Holden, a Sheffield school parent, said, “without these communities lifting these kids up, there are problems, and 88% of Warren kids are graduating, 98% of Sheffield kids are, that is community.”

Amy Stewart, the Warren County School District Superintendent said no decisions have been made yet and there are still steps left in the master facilities plan, including two more public engagement sessions.


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