Chautauqua County Executive Delivers 2023 State Of County Address

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MAYVILLE, NY (WNY News Now) — County Executive PJ Wendel delivered the State of the County Address on Wednesday, highlighting the success and challenges that Chautauqua County faces.

Wendel focused on three major points in his address.

“I previously stated, and pledged that I would focus on three pillars; strengthening, our communities bringing economic revitalization to Chautauqua County and investing in our future,” County Executive PJ Wendel said. “ I also pledge to create a more effective and efficient county government.”

The Executive emphasized the importance of conservative budgeting.

“As of today, our 2022 contribution to our general fund balance is $19.4 million. This contribution is created in part by holding our teams to fiscally responsible budgets and increase in the tax foreclosure, auction and overdue settlement of the tribal compact, as well as continued success in our sales tax revenue,” Wendel said.

To assist in strengthening our community, the county executive has merged the mental hygiene department with social services, to provide better resources to those in need.

“While working with each team to break down barriers, we determined that this new integration and refocus was in the best interest of the community to provide a continuity of care for those who are being served by both departments,” explained Wendel.

In the end Wendel says communication and focus on all aspects of Chautauqua County, is key.

“Moving forward, I am excited to lead this administration and provide workable solutions as we move Chautauqua County into an even more prosperous future,” said Wendel.

You can watch his full address on the WNY News Now YouTube page.


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