Medicaid continuous enrollment provision ending in March 2023

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By Sam Shapiro

(WENY) — People on Medicaid across the Southern Tier need to be aware a pandemic-era suspension will soon be coming to an end. Since 2020, Medicaid recipients have not had to re-certify their eligibility, but now they will need to re-enroll.

“We want people to know that their guidelines are changing; you won’t automatically be re-enrolled this year.” Kristen Runyan-Niemczyk, Arnot Health’s Patient Access Director, said.

Starting March 2023, all Medicaid enrollees in New York State will have to re-enroll to maintain their coverage. Arnot Health is urging all of its patients enrolled in Medicaid programs to ensure their information is up to date, so people are not at risk of losing it.

“You have to make sure that your information is correct,” Runyan-Niemczyk said, adding, “We do have people on site that can help you do so.”

Runyan-Niemczyk says the process will start with New York State sending out re-enrollment letters.

“If you don’t receive a letter, you’re at risk (of) losing your healthcare coverage,” Runyan-Niemczyk said, adding, “New York State does not forward your mail to your new residence. So, if your address is incorrect with the New York State Department of Health, you are at risk (o)f losing your coverage.”

Runyan-Niemczyk feels the priority at hand for enrollees is to make sure they’re prepared for the change. If someone enrolled through the Department of Social Services, they’ll need to contact the DSS directly.

“We also have Deb Smith on site. She’s going to address all our phone calls, divvy out to our assistors on-site (and) get back in touch with patients to make sure all their information is up to date.” Runyan-Niemczyk said.

People can ensure the contact information they have is correct by calling the New York State of Health at 1-855-355-5777.

Additional ways to check if your information on file is correct can be found on the New York State of Health website by clicking here or by contacting an assistor with Arnot at 607-271-3827.


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