Staying safe during the brush fire season

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By De Shaun Robinson

Horseheads, N.Y. (WENY) — Springtime means warmer weather, blooming flowers and growing plants, but this is also the time of the year when dry conditions can easily spark brush fires.

In ideal conditions, these fires can damage property, destroy the environment and harm persons. Dirk Wheeler, the Fire Assistant Chief at the Town and Country Fire Department, shared different tips to stay safe in this Brush Fire Season.

”Keep any areas around your property trimmed. Make sure there is no dry brush laying around. If you are a smoker, never throw a lit cigarette out from your vehicle. If you are using a cooking fire or a camp fire, never leave it unattended, ” said Dirk Wheeler.

Wheeler also said that it is not recommended to out a fire by yourself. Additionally, in the event of a bushfire, dialing 9-1-1 is always the best option. In New York State, a residential burn ban is in effect between March 16th and May 14th, limiting the types of fires that could accidentally spark a bushfire.

Wheeler said, ”The burn ban eliminates cooking fires outside, so there is no burning at all. You are never allowed to burn trash or garbage . You are never allowed to burn construction material or any waste like that.”

For more information on the Burn Ban, you can visit the Department of Environmental Conservation website.


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