Congressman Eyes Funding For Chautauqua County’s Cold Case Squad

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MAYVILLE, NY (WNY News Now) — A New York Congressman is promising federal resources to help Chautauqua County’s cold case investigators. 

Earlier in the week, Congressman Nick Langworthy toured the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office highlighting many issues, including the staggering amount of cold cases plaguing our area.

“I think it’s been a black eye on our community that we’ve got these unsolved murders,“ explained Congressman Langworthy. “I really salute the sheriff for taking this head on, and we’re going to see how we can effectively partner with his office to find resources.”   

When advocating to support the cold case task force, the Congressman touted his local connections.

“We have far too many murders that have been committed in this community,“ stated Congressman Langworthy. “Growing up here, the names I saw on that board in that office are too familiar and too burned into my memory from living here and following the news when those murders took place, and those families deserve justice.”     

Chautauqua County Sheriff Jim Quattrone previously applied for federal funding to supply and add manpower to his cold case taskforce. In addition the sheriff is looking for other federal benefits.

“Hopefully he can pull some strings, but we would love to see a 20 year retirement for our Corrections Officers and Dispatchers,“ explained Sheriff Quattrone. “The job that they do is no less important than the job of the patrol officers that are out there. They struggle a lot of times with the stress that they have to encounter.” 

Some of the notable cold cases in our area include 14-year-old Patty Fairbanks who went missing in 1972. Corrie Anderson, who has been missing since 2008. And Jamestown resident Yolanda Bindics, who was featured in a TV documentary in 2021.


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