Local Insurance Companies See Rise in Claims Due to Damaging Weather

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By Caleb Yauger

The past couple week have produced high winds, fallen trees, and severe weather, which has led to lots of damage in the area. As a result, local insurance companies have been bombarded with phone calls for filing claims.

“This past Saturday, I know in our immediate area, there were over 400 claims filed,” said Jake Jaskiewicz, an insurance agent at Northshore Insurance Agency, LLC on West Grandview Boulevard.

And the weekend before that, Jaskiewicz explained, was a very similar number.

This influx of claims for local businesses such as Northshore and Great Lakes Insurance Services Group, LLC has given them an unusual spring.

“You always expect it to an extent, but this year has definitely been the worst in recent history,” Jaskiewicz said.

Insurance carriers have also called in the assistance of outside adjusters to attend to the surplus of claims.

“The biggest claims that we’re seeing more lately are wind and trees down,” said Mark Majewski, sales manager at Great Lakes Insurance Services Group.

Majewski strongly advises customers, or anyone filing a claim, to take the proper steps.

“My first recommendation is contact your insurance agent,” Majewski said. “Advise them [with] what happened, what the damage is, and definitely take photos. That’s very important because you want to document exactly what happened and what was damaged.

And most importantly, stay safe.

“[Take] reasonable steps to mitigate further damage,” Jaskiewicz said. “Definitely don’t put yourself in harm’s way. If you’re not able to complete temporary repairs yourself, there are restoration companies that can assist with that.”


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