Jamestown’s Plan For A Eco Friendly Pledge

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Lawmakers in the City of Jamestown are hearing from New York State representatives on what it would mean to go green. 

Sarah Phearsdorf from Southern Tier West attended the Jamestown City Council meeting this week to explain what it would mean for the city to follow the New York State Climate Smart Communities pledge. 

The statewide effort aim to better the environment and build livable, energy-independent and secure communities. The Empire State is giving funding out to those who follow these guidelines.

For Jamestown lawmakers, they are concerned about the level of commitment needed from the city if they decide to pledge and what happens if the requirements are not met.

“You guys are a clean energy community, because you’ve been designated for doing four actions,“ explained Phearsdorf. “Those four actions were: clean fleets, charging stations, LED street lights, and energy code enforcement training. Those four actions in the clean energy community also count in the climate smart communities, so I highlighted those on mine. Also like recycling bins in the government buildings, I’m pretty sure everyone has that, some of these are super easy to check off.”  

Other mandatory requirements include a board to make sure that the city is trying to follow those guidelines, composed of at least one person from the local government and one resident.


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