Protecting Plants in Fluctuating Temperatures

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By Megan Solensky

Our reigon’s climate can be a challenge to navigate as a gardener. Shelly Kupfer of Gerlach’s Gardening Center has several tips for those looking to grow plants during the fluctuating spring season.

“Buy plants that are hardy to our climate zone here, which is zone six. All plants should have a tag on them that says that. It’s always a good idea to check the tag,” said Kupfer.

She tells us that during a thunderstorm or any severe spring weather, you should bring inside any potted plants. She also recommends that for shorter cold snaps, fill up gallons of warm water and surround the plant.

“A good thing to protect them from the wind is just like a burlap barrier of some sort or sheets or things that will protect them from a little bit of frost. If it’s a cold-sensitive plant, there’s really not a lot you can do to protect them.”

Kupfer says that the best way to make sure your plants survive is to find an experienced gardener to help.

“Gardening is a wonderful hobby, an exciting hobby, I think. If you want to learn a lot, find somebody who is also excited about gardening to learn more about it.”


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