Warren County School Board to Decide on Future of Schools Next Month

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By Philip Ward

The Warren County District School Board is getting closer to making a final decision on their master facilities plan. Tuesday evening, the board listened to concerns from parents and students from schools around the district.

The board is down to six options and the sixth one includes moving some students from the 9-12 population from Warren Area High School and putting them in schools such as Sheffield Middle High School, Youngsville Middle High School, or Eisenhower Middle High School.

According to a letter signed by all seven council members of the Warren City Council, that option is unacceptable. John Wortman, vice-president of Warren City Council, said, “we are concerned that with this proposal to realign the central attendance area that the quality school that is Warren Area High School, which has been a top notch school for decades, is under a true threat.”

“The proposal would have a substantial negative impact on students within the city of Warren,” Wortman said.

Another option includes leaving things the way they are and for Dylan Hardwick, a student-athlete and junior at Sheffield Middle High School, that is the only option he wants to see chosen.

“As a student athlete going into my senior year it terrifies me, it honestly does, it scares me a lot that we are going to get shut down because I just want to keep playing football and going to school with the same friends I have grown up with,” Hardwick said.

According to the board’s master facilities plan, there will be another public engagement session on May 9th before a final decision is made on May 22nd.


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