New York State: Pistol Permits application and training changed

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By Max Coven

SOUTHERN TIER, N.Y. (WENY) — Residents in New York State who own, want to own, or had previously posed a pistol have new requirements they need to meet. To use the weapon, pistol owners must take a 16-hour course, criminal history, and mental hygiene check, and pay all the fees.

“You have to disclose your social media accounts for the last three years and what your names are on those accounts,” said Sheriff Jim Allard, Steuben County.

The training requirements. Previously it was 5 hours and now it is a mandatory 16-hour course.

Whether you have or had a permit, New York now requires recertification every three years versus the previous five-year requirement. The first 8 hours of training include laws, de-escalation how to deal with people who are suicidal. On the second day, the training includes stances and shooting from the meadows and more.

The fee previously ranged in the low one-hundred-dollar range. In 2023, for the course, applications, and personal background checks it is roughly $500 dollars.

In Chemung County, Sheriff Bill Schrom acknowledges this law may stay or may not be in place for long. Either way, all counties across New York State are complying with the pistol permit and training requirements. Schrom wants to simplify the process.

“Specifically, the in-person interview requirement, which are going to do through a question air opposed to scheduling an appointment, having somebody come in and have to meet with ourselves and or the county court judge,” said Sheriff Bill Schrom.

To complete the registration, visit your county’s Sheriff office to complete the permits.


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