3rd Street Trees Planted This Weekend

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – It has been multiple years since the City of Jamestown had to cut down the line of 80 foot tall oak trees on West 3rd Street, now city officials are gearing up to start digging this weekend.

The Jamestown Parks department are going to close down 3rd street from Hall to Hallock to start their “Re-Tree-Ing” process.

City Arborist Dan Stone has picked out 36 trees of four different species to be planted along the curb.

Each tree is around 10 to 12 feet tall and will match the aesthetic created by the Grand Cathedral Oaks.

Previously the city had redone the sidewalks and put in light poles along the road way, now they are going to add trees to the mix.

“So we’re going to plant four different varieties of trees up there, we’re going to go with some different sizes and shapes to give us a little bit more of a flow through that entrance way into the city. We’ll be planting Columnar Sargent Cherry Trees,“ explained Dan Stone. “They’re the ones you see now with some nice small pink flowers on them, around the churches and the B&B breakfast area on the corner of Lincoln, we’ll be planting Columnar Oaks to keep the oak theme still alive on West Third Street. And then we’re going to mix in some red maples, those are ones that are going to have green leaves throughout the year, and they change red fall color to them. And right at the start of the first block between Hall and Catlin we’ll plant American Elm trees.”

The roadway will be blocked off starting at 9 a.m. this Saturday, the public is encouraged to come out and help plant the string of trees.       


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