Employment Scams on the rise in New York State

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By Dan Berman

(WENY) — As job seekers may be looking for work during the summer months, the Better Business Bureau is reminding the public to carefully verify employment offers to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Communications director of Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York Katarina Schmeider says its important to be on the lookout for scams.

“Its really important to be vigilant you should always try and verify the company’s background information so do a search for them online to see if its actually a legitimate company.”

Katarina tells me one of the most common scams to look out for.

“One of the most common scams is where the scammer will tell people that they’ll send a check to put together a home office setup to buy things like a computer a desk other things you would need to work from home and once you send your banking information you may get a check in the mail but that check is fraudulent and then you probably lost out on quite a bit of money or they have your information.”

One of the best ways to avoid scams is if a company reaches out to you make sure you do your research.

“If a company o a supposed company reaches out to you make sure that that company is real before you start contacting them or having any communication with them do an online search and then if you find it make sure you find the actual job posting too and any unsolicited offers are suspicious .”

For more information about how you can track scams click here.


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