Uvalde, 1 Year Later

UCISD Robb Elementary / MGN

TEXAS – President Joe Biden will mark a somber anniversary Wednesday.

One year ago, a lone gunman entered a school and opened fire killing 19-students and two-teachers.

These 21-lives were lost in the Robb elementary school shooting one-year ago.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has ordered the state flag to be lowered to half-staff on Wednesday to honor the victims, survivors, loved ones and the community affected by the rampage.

Some of the families are demanding accountability for the failed police response to the incident.

President Joe Biden, who along with the first lady visited the area after the shooting, will speak about the tragedy from the White House Grand Staircase.

According to the gun violence archive, there have been 238 mass shootings in the U-S so far this year…..with nearly 17-thousand total gun violence deaths, more than half of them suicides.

Police killed the gunman more than an hour after he began shooting.

About a month later after the rampage, the “bipartisan safer communities act” was passed by congress and was signed into the law by President Biden.

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