Car, Rabbits Stolen 

JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Two are behind bars in the City of Jamestown after allegedly stealing a car full of rabbits last Thursday.

Officers from the Jamestown Police Department responded to a reported stolen vehicle at a parking lot located at West 8th Street and North Main Street early Thursday morning.

The victim also reported the vehicle contained their two pet rabbits and a “substantial” amount of cash.

Shortly after noon officers located the stolen vehicle, alongside two individuals approaching the vehicle.

Officers stopped the two individuals, identified as 34-year-old Jennifer Conti, and 49-year-old Charles Thomas Sr. 

After investigation, it was determined that Conti was operating the vehicle and had a stay away order from the victim. 

Both were transported to the City Jail where Conti was discovered to be in possession of narcotics.

Both were charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, with additional drug charges placed on Conti.

The victim had their property returned to them, including the two rabbits that were unharmed.

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