Heat safety in the workplace

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(WENY) — June Marks national safety month with heat illnesses being one of the biggest safety risks during the Summer. Every year dozens of workers die and thousands become ill while working in hot or humid conditions. Depending on what type of work you do it may affect what kind of clothing you wear if your inside or outside or have access to shade or air conditioning.

Steuben County public education coordinator Lorelei Wagner explains some signs to look out for that you may be struggling from a heat related injury while working.

“Feel a little dizzy or accelerated in their heart rate their having a hard time breathing maybe they’re starting to feel light headed or they could pass out if they’re getting clammy just any kind of where they’re feeling uncomfortable and there seems to be no apparent reason it could be because its too hot and their body temperature is rising.”

When the calendar flips to the warmer months its important for employers to take into account their employees environment so they are not at risk for heat illness.

“Are they working outside or multiple hours at a time without access to shade without access to being able to take a break?”

Not only is background important but also how much time you are going to be exposed in the heat.

“Are you outside for a half an hour or are you outside for four hours? Is there a breeze? Is it direct sun? Do you have shade?”

To learn more about heat stress and related illnesses click here.

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