Chautauqua Institution Entry Changes

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CHAUTAUQUA, NY (WNY News Now) – The Chautauqua Institution is now operating at full force, however this year many security changes are taking place.

A “clear container” policy has been enacted for the institution for visitors to the Amphitheater and other venues. If a bag is larger than 4.5 x 6.5 inches, it must be see-through.

Weapons are also not allowed at venues, however sharp crafting items like knitting needles are allowed.

Umbrellas are also allowed, however security may ask for them to be opened during screening.

Seat cushions are allowed as long as any pockets are empty.

Water bottles are also fine, however non clear containers may be subject to a “shaking” for weapons screenings.

While the security measures may be a lot we spoke with Cindy Williams, who went to the Amphitheater for a show tells us the experiences she encountered.

“Everybody put their flashlights on their cameras, and it looked like candles, and everybody was singing and rocking back and forth and rocking out,” explained Williams. “It was fantastic.”

When asked if she got any footage, Williams had this to say.

“You know what happened, I had my purse and everything with my camera and all that, my phone,” said Williams. “And we went to go down to the main gate and they said no purses were allowed.”  

Last year at the Chautauqua Institution, a world renowned author, Salman Rushdie was attacked on stage at a literary festival. Provoking tighter security measures.


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