Allegany Dog Attack

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ALLEGANY, NY (WNY News Now) – An Allegany resident is speaking out after his dog was attacked for the third time with no action taken by the local authorities. 

Allegany resident Phillip Butler, tells us that his neighbor’s dogs have allegedly attacked him and his dog on at least three separate occasions over the past four years.

Butler did send us a video of the latest incident where a pack of Pitbulls, owned by his neighbor, got loose and attacked his dog.

The video shows four Pitbull ripping at Butler’s dog’s leg, as the owner tried to get his dog to safety one of the attackers went into his house and tried to pull the dog back out. 

In addition Butler accused that one Pitbull tried to bite him but only grabbed his pant leg.

Butler’s dog suffered multiple bite wounds and over $200 dollars in vet bills.

Butler told us that he tried to get a dangerous dog report filed, however the Dog Control Officer would not give him one.

He also alleges the Dog Control Officer of personally knowing the neighbors.

Our crews on scene saw Butler’s dog, and her behavior showed signs of trauma towards other dogs.

In the end, Butler just wants something to be done before anyone else gets hurt

“I’m trying to make sure no kid gets hurt,“ explained Butler. “I mean my dog can defend herself, but a little five year old kid that’s walking a Chihuahua won’t have a chance at all with one of these dogs, and that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. I don’t want the dogs destroyed, not in any way. I think they should either go to a good home or be walked by an adult and have a muzzle on or something like that, just to protect the children. I don’t want to see a kid getting hurt, I really don’t.   

At this time we have reached out to the Dog Control Officer but have not heard a response.


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