Local American Legion Receives Much Needed Renovations

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LAKEWOOD, NY (WNY News Now) – The Lakewood American Legion Post 1286 has received a generous donation of funds and manpower to help renovate their Post. 

Antonio Santarone, an assistant manager at the Jamestown Home Depot, told us that the repairs were made possible due to the help of the Home Depot Corporation.

“About less than a year ago, we were given the opportunity through a program called Operation Surprise to propose a grant,“ explained Santarone. “I was able to write a grant on behalf of this legion here, and it was approved. And through that grant process the Home Depot has been generous enough to donate some materials to help remodel this location. And the biggest reason that we’re really here is to foster the partnership between our veteran community and our store as well.  There’s so many great veterans that not only work for my staff but this community. And it’s really important that we really remember what they’ve done for our country and give back in return.”       

The building has been in business for 50 years, now needing a little touch up.

According to a past president of the American legion, the Posts are a resource to all Veterans.

“We have a lot of folks that go south, they join here, and with their membership card as a Veteran they can go to other American Legion Posts throughout the country,“ stated Past President Bill Reynolds. “And get the nomenclature, the local news so to speak, of what’s going on in those areas. I know my family and I when we travel, the first stop is at the local Legion to meet the locals. And they’ll tell you what to see, where not to go, and get around town, and see some of the highlights. And we do that here, when we have company people come and we treat them as guests and they’re always welcome, especially Veterans.”    

Now thanks to the generous donation of $3,000 dollars and the manual labor, the Lakewood Post was able to clean, paint, and update the building.


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