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FALCONER, NY (WNY News Now) – A local bakery is taking creativity to the next level with artistic pies, and delicious baked goods. 

PersNikkity Pies in the Village of Falconer opened their doors in the spring, and according to owner Nikki Pierce, business is booming.

“We just opened in house here on Main Street in Falconer in May, but the business was out of my house before that for about two and a half years. It just started as hobby baking and people suggested that I sell them to friends and I really didn’t think anyone would want to buy them and as it turns out, a lot of people like buying them,” said Pierce. “We’ve been really, really busy, very busy every day. We open at 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday through Friday and just right off the bat every day we have a lot of people coming in. We have coffee and cold brew, we make specialized cold brew drinks so it’s been really, really busy.”  

Pierce is seemingly very grateful for the support PersNikkity Pies has received. 

“If you would’ve asked me three, four years ago I never would’ve thought anything like this would’ve happened so it’s quite shocking, even to me still, and what’s even more shocking is how well it’s taken off and the community’s support. It’s totally overwhelming,” Pierce said.

Some of the pies this bakery has to offer are very unique. 

“I wanted to make a pie for a really long time, a lot of years, I kept trying. I had these crust recipes handed down from family members and they just never worked correctly for me, so I ended up tweaking it until it became my own crust recipe and it’s really hardy so you’re able to do those cut-outs and things,” said Pierce.

In the end, Pierce is excited for the future of PersNikkity Pies. 

“We’ve got some things in mind for sure. All along since we knew we were going to open the store front the main goal was to always offer not just baked goods, everything is home-made here from scratch daily. We don’t use any canned filling or anything other than scratch stuff, so the goal has always been to not only offer the baked goods and the coffee and the cold brew, but to expand probably into smaller lunch, café type stuff. Salads, soups, maybe panini sandwiches stuff like that, and who knows beyond that,” Pierce said. 

PersNikkity Pies is located at 9 East Main Street in Falconer and as of August 4th has a 5 out of 5 star rating. Due to the baked goods being made fresh every day, the menu is subject to change and Pierce encourages those inquiring about the menu to call the bakery at (716) 338-2123. 



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