PACT Act Benefits Showcased

Billy Hathorn / CC BY 3.0

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WNY News Now) – The VA is showcasing care and benefits they have delivered to their Veterans since the PACT Act was signed into law one year ago.

Due to the historic law, those at the VA are declaring care and benefits are reaching more Veterans than ever before.

The VA reports that more than $1.85 billion dollars has been delivered to Veterans at the fastest rate in the nation’s history.

They also say that over 332,000 more Veterans have enrolled in VA health care compared to the previous year. 

In addition, more than 4.1 million Veterans have received a free screening for toxic exposures, a critical step to catching potential life-threatening health conditions as early as possible.

Veterans who apply for PACT Act Benefits before August 15th can have their benefits backdated to August 10th 2022 when the PACT Act was signed into law.

More information on how the PACT Act has helped and how to apply, go to the VA’s website.


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