Asylum Seeker Crisis and Federal Support

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Albany, NY (WNY News Now) – New York Governor Kathy Hochul met with Tom Perez, Senior Advisor and Assistant to President Biden, to address the ongoing asylum seeker crisis and advocate for increased federal assistance.

Governor Kathy Hochul engaged in a critical discussion with Tom Perez, Senior Advisor and Assistant to President Biden, concerning the pressing issue of the asylum seeker crisis. The meeting comes after months of consistent communication between the governor and the White House, including conversations with President Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, Chief of Staff Zients, and other key administration officials.

Governor Hochul highlighted the importance of their ongoing dialogue regarding the challenges posed by the influx of asylum seekers. Central to the discussions were the urgent requirements of New York in terms of federal aid. Governor Hochul emphasized the necessity for additional financial resources to effectively manage the situation at hand.

A notable focus of the conversation was the expedited work authorization for asylum seekers. This facet is of paramount importance as New York seeks to ensure the smooth integration of these individuals into the workforce while they await resolution of their legal status.

Governor Hochul conveyed her unwavering commitment to sustaining these efforts until the federal government allocates the essential resources and support that New York urgently requires.

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