Jamestown Addresses Rising Crime with Proposed Security Measures

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Mayville, NY (WNY News Now) – In response to a surge in criminal incidents, the City of Jamestown is contemplating enhanced security measures, including surveillance cameras and increased lighting at the Spring Street parking ramp, a long-standing concern in downtown Jamestown.

The persistent issue of crime in the heart of downtown Jamestown has prompted city authorities to consider additional security measures aimed at curbing the rising incidents of violence and vandalism. The Spring Street parking ramp, frequented by both Chautauqua County employees and the general public, has become a hotspot for criminal activity, prompting concerns over safety.

While local residents have expressed their satisfaction with the City’s intention to bolster security, some critics point out that these steps are being taken only in the aftermath of recent violent and vandalistic acts that have made headlines within the community.

County Executive PJ Wendell issued this statement, “While I’m pleased to hear the City of Jamestown is considering additional security measures, like surveillance cameras and added lighting at the Spring Street parking ramp, the uptick in crime in the heart of downtown Jamestown has been a problem for years.

It’s disappointing that additional measures are being considered only after acts of violence and vandalism towards not just Chautauqua County employees who patronize the parking structure, but also the general pubic, makes headline news across our community.

My administration is scheduled to meet with city representatives in September to try and resolve these safety concerns going forward.”

The aim of these talks is to collaboratively address the pressing safety concerns that have plagued the Spring Street parking ramp for years. As the community eagerly awaits a comprehensive solution, the forthcoming meeting holds the promise of a safer and more secure downtown environment for all.


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