Jamestown Man Faces Multiple Charges Including Weapon Possession

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(WNY News Now) – A 32-year-old individual, was arrested in Jamestown on 8/17/23 and is now held for arraignment after being found engaged in graffiti activities and possessing controlled substances and a prohibited weapon.

On 8/17/23, at around 1:00 am the Jamestown Police Department responded to Trespass and Criminal Mischief complaints centered around the Cherry Street Ramp area (15 W 5th Street). These recurring issues prompted officers to investigate the matter further.

Upon their arrival at the scene, officers encountered Michael A. Green, 32 years old, who was subsequently identified as the individual involved in graffiti-related activities within the ramp’s vicinity. Green was placed under arrest, and a search of his belongings revealed not only his involvement in graffiti but also the possession of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Officers discovered a gravity knife on Green’s person, a contraband item according to New York State law. This discovery led to additional charges being placed against Green. Following his arrest, he was taken to the Jamestown City Jail.

It was also discovered that Green was under the supervision of Chautauqua County Probation at the time of this incident. Green’s arraignment is pending while he remains in custody.

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