Nonprofit Grant Debate

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A program to give local nonprofits much needed funds is facing a hurdle, allocating the one point five million dollars to nine organizations asking for one point two million dollars over the available funds.

The Jamestown city council heard a presentation from Grants Manager Tim O’Dell on the nine non-for-profits looking for assistance. 

“Breaking down the amounts requested, for the YMCA, they are requesting one million dollars,“ explained O’Dell. “Jamestown Center City Development, known as the kid zone, $500,000. YWCA, $145,714 dollars. Chautauqua Opportunities, $181,383. St. Luke’s, $200,000. Collaborative Children’s Solutions, $96,850. Roger Tory Peterson Institute, $82,500. Robert H. Jackson, $350,000. And the National Comedy Center for $200,000 dollars. This leaves us with a grand total of around two point seven million dollars of requested funds.”   

For many of the local non profits, without the funds, deadlines will not be met and potential closings could occur.

He also gave council members four potential scenarios to divide and allocate the one and a half million dollars in available funding.

While the matter will go through the Jamestown Local Development Corporation, any amount over $100,000 dollars will come before the council for a vote. 

To ensure that all the funding is approved, council members are urged to give all feedback on the scenarios. 

“JLDC will vote on which scenario is going to be chosen,“ explained Councilman Jeff Russell. “That scenario will then come in the form of a resolution before this council. And it will be broken down into individual votes.”  

The JLDC does not have any scheduled meeting this week, which means that the funds will not be approved until September’s voting session.

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