County’s Sustained Efforts Ensure Enjoyable Summer on Chautauqua Lake

(WNY News Now) – As summer draws to a close, the County of Chautauqua remains steadfast in its spring-like dedication to maintaining the beauty of Lakewood, NY’s Chautauqua Lake, with crews working tirelessly to ensure a weed-free environment and a delightful summer experience.

As the summer season gradually comes to a close, Chautauqua County continues to exhibit a remarkable level of dedication reminiscent of the springtime. Crews have been tirelessly working along Chautauqua Lake in Lakewood, NY, engaged in an ongoing cleanup effort that seems to have no end in sight.

The focus of these extensive endeavors has been to maintain the pristine condition of Chautauqua Lake, ensuring that the waters remain free from weed-related concerns throughout the year. Local residents have taken notice of the county’s relentless commitment to this cause, with many expressing their appreciation for the sustained efforts that have kept the lake free from the usual weed issues that often plague it.

Despite the commendable dedication to lake upkeep, Lakewood residents have reported a minor concern related to air quality. The Canadian wildfires have cast a haze over the region, resulting in slightly compromised air conditions. However, this has done little to deter the enthusiasm of both visitors and residents, who have recognized and applauded the extraordinary lengths to which Chautauqua County has gone to guarantee a delightful summer experience on the lake.


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