Representatives Speak Against Industrial Wind Turbines in Lake Erie

(WNY News Now) – State, local, and federal representatives voiced concerns about the detrimental environmental and economic effects of installing industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie during a rally organized by Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (CAWTILE).

IRVING, NY – A gathering hosted by Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (CAWTILE) drew the attention of state, local, and federal officials who joined their voices in decrying the potential negative impacts of introducing industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie. The rally, held on the shores of the lake, featured a lineup of influential speakers who addressed the crowd on the environmental and economic consequences of the proposed installations.

Among the prominent figures who took the stage at the beach and boat rally were Philip Gow, representing Congressman Nick Langworthy (NY-23), Senator George Borrello of the 57th District, Senator Pat Gallivan of the 60th District, Assemblyman David DiPietro from the 147th Assembly District, Assemblyman Andy Goodell representing the 150th District, and Erie County Legislator John Mills from the 11th District.

Opponents of the proposed wind turbine projects gained a significant boost when the highly anticipated Great Lakes Wind Feasibility Study conducted by the New York Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) indicated that due to exorbitant costs and numerous uncertainties, prioritizing wind turbines in the Great Lakes was unadvisable. However, the opposition’s triumph was short-lived as subsequent legislation emerged in the New York State Senate, proposing the establishment of a wind turbine pilot project in the Great Lakes.

In response, Congressman Nick Langworthy introduced the Lakes Before Turbines Act on the federal level. This legislation aims to prohibit developers from utilizing tax credits for the construction of wind installations on the Great Lakes. Given the projects’ reliance on government subsidies, this measure could effectively halt further development in its tracks.

Congressman Langworthy stated, “Our Great Lakes are the lifeblood of our communities, providing recreation, clean water, and economic vitality. One of my first actions in Congress, introducing H.R. 426, the Lakes Before Turbines Act, will protect our environment and local economies from ill-conceived wind energy projects on these waters. I applaud Senator Borrello for his hard work to end these projects in the State Senate.”

Additionally, the group expressed support for a state-level legislative initiative led by Senator George Borrello. This initiative seeks to impose a moratorium on the construction or placement of wind turbines in the Great Lakes. Similar precedent exists in Ontario, Canada, where a comparable moratorium was enacted in 2011 and remains in effect.

Sen. Borrello asserted, “After being declared a ‘dead lake’ in the 1960s, it has taken decades of public investment, strategic environmental policies, and research and development to restore the health of Lake Erie. Yet, all that progress could be undone if we allow profit-driven developers to disrupt the lakebed and decades of buried toxins in order to construct these massive turbines in the lake. NYSERDA’s study confirmed there are too many risks and uncertainties to justify moving forward. Yet, that report hasn’t stopped the radical special interests that are motivated more by reckless virtue signaling and profiting at the expense of our lakes than by climate change.”

Sen. Borrello concluded by emphasizing their unwavering commitment to protecting Lake Erie from the potential environmental and economic harm posed by wind turbines. The Senator underscored that these turbines are not as “clean,” “green,” or efficient as claimed and might not substantially impact the energy supply.

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