Governor Hochul Extends Executive Order to Aid Asylum Seekers in New York State

KC Kratt / CC BY-SA 4.0

(WNY News Now) – New York Governor Kathy Hochul has prolonged an Executive Order, granting increased flexibility to procure essential resources for supporting asylum seekers and providing humanitarian assistance across the state.

Albany – Governor Kathy Hochul has extended Executive Order 28.4, bolstering New York State’s capacity to address the influx of asylum seekers and offer them vital humanitarian aid. This decision follows her recent address to the citizens of New York concerning the ongoing asylum seeker crisis.

Hochul emphasized, “We continue to allocate substantial resources to aid asylum seekers arriving in search of a better life. This Executive Order empowers our relentless response to this unparalleled crisis, ensuring shelter and humanitarian aid.”

The order enables swift responses by the state and local authorities to asylum seekers’ arrival, mobilizes National Guard support at shelter locations, and facilitates the expedited purchase of essential supplies and resources, including food and equipment. This remains imperative for an effective response to the escalating humanitarian crisis.

Governor Hochul’s recent actions include a $20 million investment to expedite casework filing, complementing the existing $1.5 billion support commitment. Temporary shelters, financial aid, legal services, and relocation initiatives are already in progress. The governor has also initiated a program to facilitate lawful employment for asylum seekers, fostering connections with potential employers.

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