Ghost Tours Begin In Dunkirk

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DUNKIRK, NY (WNY News Now) – Ghost hunters and enthusiasts, it’s that time of year to grab your gear and make your way down to the historical Dunkirk Lighthouse for the Paranormal Tours.

Staff at the lighthouse have teamed up with the local paranormal group “Village Haunts” who will guide participants through the buildings with their equipment to experience the spooky specters that reside in the museum. 

 “I go through a little bit of the history, take them on a tour of the house up to the top of the tower of course, because of course the tower is a fabulous place to be, we do that, go through both buildings, and then the ghost hunting group, they break everybody down into three separate groups and they spend 45 minutes a piece going to various different areas of the property looking for ghosts, talking to the ghosts, seeing if they’ll respond, then they take a little break, then go to a different spot and move around all the different spots that they can,” said tour guide David Briska. 

The museum has a rich history which explains why these spirits decided to hang around, according to the tour guide. 

“Several of them are former lighthouse keepers that lived here on the property, we had lighthouse keepers on the property from 1826 until 1960 when they automated the light because we are still an aid to navigation, we still are an operating lighthouse, but up until 1960 they needed people living on the property so we have several different lighthouse keepers, because lighthouse keeping was not just a job. It was not something that you just did, it was your whole entire life and if you were a lighthouse keeper, you didn’t ever want to leave. You wanted to stay, so several of the lighthouse keepers are still here, doing their magic, keeping the lighthouse alive and making sure the light is working when it’s supposed to be,” Briska explained. “Otherwise, because we are a military museum also, there are lots of artifacts from people around the area, their uniforms and things that they used during the wars, that people are attached to, that type of stuff.”

The tour will take participants through the museum, where the bottom floor has been preserved to resemble how the lighthouse keepers would have kept it, up to the second floor that has been converted into a historical museum with each room representing a different military branch, and up to the top of the lighthouse to observe a breathtaking view. 

If ghost hunting isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, the Dunkirk Lighthouse has daytime tours as well and encourages each visitor to sign their guest book. 

The Paranormal Tours tickets are selling out quickly. To purchase a ticket and participate in the tour, you can visit


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