BPU Clinches 6th Consecutive Victory in WNY Healthiest Employer Contest

(WNY News Now) – The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has yet again emerged as the front-runner in the WNY Healthiest Employer competition, marking its sixth successive triumph.

Jamestown – The contest celebrates companies fostering employee well-being. BPU’s resounding victory has earned them an entry into the prestigious Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Competition, maintaining their national recognition since 2019.

Fueling their success is a strategic health and wellness plan grounded in incentives for biometric screenings, lunch seminars, health challenges, and medical check-ups. The integration of standing work stations and an employee exercise facility further embodies their dedication.

Notable shifts in the BPU program encompass healthy snacks replacing sugary indulgences, a wellness garden corner, and on-site flu vaccinations. Past initiatives such as Weight Watcher classes, pre-diabetes training, and “Wellness Days” have further enriched their holistic approach.

The newly introduced “Wellness Champion” distinction, part of the WNY Healthiest Employer competition, finds its rightful recipient in Trenton Lutes, the visionary leader behind BPU’s Health and Wellness Team. Lutes’ trailblazing efforts have galvanized a Wellness Group, fostering cross-company wellness collaboration.

“Our wellness program has instilled a culture of health consciousness,” remarks David L. Leathers, BPU General Manager, highlighting the program’s transformative influence.

Acknowledgment resonates throughout the organization, with Human Resources Director Tammy Anderson commending BPU’s commitment in curbing costs and promoting well-being.

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