End of Summer: Midway Park Closes, Leaving Fond Memories

(WNY News Now) – As schools kick off the academic year, the scent of summer gives way to autumn’s delights, bidding farewell to Midway Park’s lively atmosphere. Labor Day marks the official closure of this cherished Maple Springs destination, which, for generations of Chautauqua County residents, symbolizes the essence of summer.

Maple Springs – Midway Park is more than just a state park; it is a beloved summer retreat. As vendors diligently clean concession stands and rides, WNY News Now managed to snatch a brief interview with a Fowler’s employee, known for their delectable taffy (though not available at Midway). They extolled the park’s picturesque lake, captivating games, and thrilling rides, emphasizing its dual role as both local entertainment and an economic catalyst that draws tourists.

With the close of this season, the rides fall silent, and the games temporarily shut down. However, the memories of sun-soaked days, laughter, and joy remain etched in the hearts and minds of all who have cherished Midway Park throughout their childhood. As the autumn leaves descend and pumpkin spice lattes reappear, the community eagerly anticipates the park’s revival next summer, with the promise of creating new memories that will endure for generations to come.

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