New York Declares Asian Lunar New Year a Public School Holiday

(WNY News Now) – Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation designating Asian Lunar New Year as a public school holiday across New York State, a move aimed at recognizing and celebrating the state’s diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

Albany – In a historic move, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation (A.7768/S.7573) making Asian Lunar New Year an official public school holiday throughout the state. Governor Hochul emphasized the significance of this move, stating that it’s more than just a day off from school; it’s an opportunity for children to learn about and celebrate diverse cultures and traditions. The legislation amends the education law to ensure that all public schools close for Lunar New Year.

The legislation has garnered widespread support, with State Senator Brian Kavanagh expressing pride in officially recognizing Lunar New Year as a school holiday. Assemblymember Grace Lee, Co-Chair of the Assembly’s Asian Pacific American Task Force, called it a recognition of Asian Americans’ contributions to New York history and a step towards promoting diversity and inclusion.

The signing of this legislation is a significant step towards recognizing and celebrating the diverse heritage of New York State.

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