Fall 2023 Meat Processing and Marketing Workshop Series


(WNY News Now) – This fall, the Cornell Agricultural Marketing Research Program is set to offer a series of workshops across Central and Western New York, addressing meat processing and marketing topics, in response to the rising demand for locally sourced meats directly from farms.

NY – In response to the surging consumer demand for locally sourced meats, the Cornell Agricultural Marketing Research Program is launching a Meat Processing and Marketing Workshop Series this fall. Funded by the Northeast Risk Management Education program, these workshops aim to empower New York’s livestock farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the direct-to-consumer meat market successfully.

The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed a significant shift in consumer preferences, with more people seeking locally raised meats due to grocery store shortages and price hikes. This growing trend continues to drive demand for farm-sourced meat. However, direct-to-consumer meat sales pose unique challenges, making education crucial.

The workshops, to be held in five locations across the region, will cover essential topics, including livestock evaluation, meat quality, working with processors, pricing strategies, value-added products, and consumer-friendly sales. They will also introduce attendees to valuable resources such as MeatSuite.com, the Cornell Meat Price Calculator, and the forthcoming Meat Processor Directory.

Distinguished presenters include Matt LeRoux from Cornell University, Sarah Blacklin, Program Director of NC Choices, and Lee Menius, Technical Specialist at NC Choices. Each session costs $10 per farm and includes dinner.

Dates in WNY:

Wednesday, October 18, Lockport, NY

Thursday, October 19, East Aurora, NY.

The workshops promise to equip New York’s farmers with the tools they need to meet the evolving demands of the meat market, promoting the growth of local agriculture and direct-to-consumer sales.

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