Mental Health Association Celebrates Recovery Milestones

(WNY News Now) – The Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County (MHA) recently held its monthly luncheon, recognizing the significant milestones achieved by participants on their road to recovery.

Jamestown -The Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County (MHA) hosted its monthly luncheon, focusing on celebrating the progress and achievements of individuals in the recovery community. The event, held in Jamestown, marked another step forward in the MHA’s commitment to supporting and empowering those dealing with mental health and substance use challenges.

During the September luncheon, certificates were presented to participants, acknowledging their remarkable milestones, which ranged from achieving up to two years of sobriety to securing new apartments, regaining custody of their children, and actively volunteering at the MHA. In a heartwarming gesture, members of the Knitting for Well Being group were lauded for their contributions to crafting items, including baby essentials and scarves for those in need.

One participant, Mike Norberg, shared his transformative journey, highlighting a 75% reduction in smoking and stress relief through knitting. He expressed his gratitude for the supportive community he found at the MHA and his ability to give back to it.

The MHA also announced the upcoming North County Art in Recovery Group Annual Show, scheduled for September 29. The event promises art, fellowship, and light refreshments, emphasizing the importance of creative expression in the recovery process.

In the realm of medical recovery, the MHA underlined the significance of engagement with the MAR (Medication Assisted Recovery) 4 U group, offering transportation and post-session dinners to participants. They also emphasized the life-saving potential of Narcan, which can reverse opioid overdoses, with a focus on increasing public access to this medication.

The MHA is dedicated to providing support, acceptance, and advocacy for individuals navigating mental health and substance use challenges. They offer free programs and services, including support groups and individual coaching.

For those seeking assistance or information, the Jamestown recovery center is accessible at Door 14 in the rear of the Gateway Center, open from Monday to Saturday, with extended hours on certain days. Additionally, Bryan Boleratz of Goodskills Career Builder announced free training opportunities for higher-paying careers in advanced manufacturing, promoting economic empowerment among participants.

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