Salamanca Resident Pleads Guilty to Petit Larceny for 2019 Firearms Theft

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(WNY News Now) – A Salamanca woman has entered a guilty plea for Petit Larceny, resolving a pending indictment. The charges stem from thefts that occurred between November 26 and December 5, 2019, in Salamanca, involving firearms.

Salamanca – Cheyenne Armstrong, 42, a resident of Salamanca has pleaded guilty to a charge of Petit Larceny as part of a resolution for a pending indictment. The incident in question took place in the City of Salamanca between November 26 and December 5, 2019.

Armstrong’s guilty plea pertains to the theft of firearms, including rifles and shotguns. The specifics of the stolen property were not detailed in the provided information.

The sentencing for this case has been scheduled for November 27, 2023.


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