Spike in Suspected Fatal Drug Overdoses

(WNY News Now) – A surge in suspected drug overdoses, resulting in four deaths in the Jamestown vicinity over the weekend, has prompted local authorities in Chautauqua County to issue a warning.

Chautauqua County – Chautauqua County finds itself grappling with a disconcerting rise in suspected fatal drug overdoses, particularly evident in the four tragic deaths reported over the past weekend in Jamestown and its vicinity. This alarming development has led county authorities, comprising the Chautauqua County Health Department, the Department of Mental Hygiene, Jamestown Police Department, and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, to issue a grave advisory to residents.

Of particular concern is the potential presence of fentanyl, an exceedingly potent and lethal opioid, in the street drugs circulating within the community. The perilous nature of fentanyl is underscored by the fact that even trace amounts can prove fatal.

Residents are earnestly encouraged to proactively reach out to their loved ones who may be struggling with drug abuse or addiction, and to disseminate this critical information widely. For individuals who use drugs or their families, securing a naloxone (Narcan) kit is highly recommended, along with preparedness to dial 911 should an overdose occur. Local sources for obtaining Narcan kits are available at CombatAddictionCHQ.com.

Furthermore, Chautauqua County offers an array of chemical dependency services accessible through combataddictionchq.com. It is important to note that the New York State 911 Good Samaritan Law protects individuals who seek emergency medical assistance for drug or alcohol overdoses, ensuring they will not face arrest. This law also applies to those who witness someone experiencing an overdose.

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