Jamestown Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Mayor Eddie Sundquist for Re-election

(WNY News Now) – The Jamestown Professional Fire Fighters have officially endorsed Mayor Eddie Sundquist for his re-election campaign, highlighting his commitment to public safety and the improvement of emergency response services in the city.

Jamestown – The Jamestown Professional Fire Fighters, represented by Local No. 137 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, have voiced their endorsement for Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s bid for a second term as the city’s leader. Ben McLaughlin, President of Local 137, emphasized the Mayor’s support for public employees and organized labor, citing his successful efforts to update their contract, which had expired in 2015, and secure funding for enhanced public safety resources, technology, and tools.

During Mayor Sundquist’s first term, he secured over $2 million in funding, expanded the ambulance fleet, and improved EMS billing and reporting technology. Last year, the Jamestown Firefighters responded to over 8,000 emergency calls, showcasing the significance of these investments.

Their endorsement also comes on the heels of Jamestown receiving a $1.8 million FEMA grant and $284,000 in financial assistance for new radios and rope systems, demonstrating the Sundquist Administration’s commitment to bolstering emergency response capacity.

Eddie Santiago, Vice President of the New York State Professional Firefighters Association 1st District, echoed their support, emphasizing Mayor Sundquist’s collaboration with the union on contracts, safety, and staffing issues.

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