Woman Reports Intruder’s Unnerving Entry and Attack in Jamestown Home

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(WNY News Now) – A resident of Grandin Avenue in Jamestown, had a harrowing encounter last Thursday, October 5, 2023, when she awoke to find a man dressed in black standing at the foot of her bed.

Jamestown – In the early hours of October 5th, Alicia Birt experienced a chilling intrusion at her home on Grandin Avenue in Jamestown. Birt reported that she awoke at approximately 5:30 AM to discover an unknown man, dressed entirely in black, standing at the foot of her bed. According to her statement, the intruder had gained access to her home by entering through a first-floor window, which had an air conditioning unit.

Alicia Birt’s partner, Alec Harrington, reacted swiftly, pursuing the intruder and ultimately grappling with him as he tried to escape back through the same window he had entered. During the altercation, Harrington sustained two stab wounds to his knee.

Remarkably, the intruder did not steal any items from the residence. Instead, he removed his shoes next to the window before the altercation. As Birt cleaned up the aftermath, she claimed to have discovered two unopened condoms near the window, suggesting a disturbing motive for the break-in.

Alicia Birt promptly filed a police report, prompting a response from the Jamestown Police Department, who arrived to gather evidence. When questioned about potential threats, Birt insisted she was unaware of any person or persons who might harbor ill intentions toward her or her family. She also expressed her belief that the Grandin neighborhood was generally safe.

In light of this unsettling incident, Alicia Birt feels compelled to alert the public to the possible presence of a dangerous individual in the area. She encourages increased awareness and vigilance among residents. WNY News Now has reached out to the Jamestown Police Department for their official statement on the matter.

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