Black Cherry Tattoo Opens in Jamestown, Offering Unique Blend of Styles

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(WNY News Now) – Black Cherry Tattoo, a new tattoo shop, marked its grand opening on Friday, October 13, 2023, on Cherry Street, situated between Second and Third Streets in downtown Jamestown. WNY News Now recently had the chance to interview co-owners Daniel May and Ann Tiscenko to uncover the intriguing fusion of artistic styles that defines their venture.

Jamestown – Black Cherry Tattoo welcomed its first customers on October 13, 2023, unveiling a unique blend of artistic styles and a diverse range of tattooing expertise. WNY News Now had the privilege to sit down with the shop’s co-owners, Daniel May and Ann Tiscenko, to delve into the story behind their latest venture.

Daniel May, one of the driving forces behind Black Cherry Tattoo, is no stranger to the tattooing world. Originally from Western New York, specifically hailing from just outside the Buffalo area, May has spent over two decades perfecting his craft, with a substantial portion of that time dedicated to his shop, Black Ocean Tattoo in Okinawa, Japan. It’s from this Okinawan connection that the shop derives its name, ‘Black Cherry Tattoo.’

May’s tattooing style can be described as “old school” and versatile, a contrast to Ann Tiscenko’s bold and bright approach. When asked about his influences, May explained that his experience outside of military bases in Okinawa required him to offer a wide selection of styles to cater to servicemen’s diverse preferences. He’s always been drawn to classic, traditional tattooing, but doesn’t shy away from bold designs. In addition, his time in Japan allowed May to incorporate Japanese styles into his artwork.

May’s decision to open Black Cherry Tattoo in Jamestown stemmed from a confluence of personal reasons. “My son wanted to finish high school in the U.S., and my mother and sister had moved to the Jamestown area,” he shared. He was enticed by the town’s charm and the array of outdoor activities it offered, making it an ideal place to establish his new creative hub.

In stark contrast, Ann Tiscenko thrives on embracing vibrant and eye-catching designs, with a particular affinity for cartoon tattoos. The more complex and detailed the tattoo, the more it piques her artistic interest. Tiscenko’s passion for bold and bright creations has already garnered attention, drawing clients seeking striking, colorful pieces.

The complementary fusion of these two distinct styles is evident within the walls of Black Cherry Tattoo. Customers entering the shop can expect to find a range of artistic choices, from May’s timeless classics to Tiscenko’s vivid, animated creations, all under one roof.

Incorporating Japanese styles into their artwork, a reflection of May’s time in Okinawa, adds an extra layer of depth and diversity to the tattoo offerings at Black Cherry Tattoo. Clients looking for traditional American tattoos, Japanese designs, or anything in between can find a home for their artistic aspirations.

Jamestown, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and artistic community, serves as the perfect backdrop for this new tattoo shop. Daniel May and Ann Tiscenko’s decision to make Jamestown their home for Black Cherry Tattoo speaks to the town’s allure as a hub for creativity and self-expression.

As Black Cherry Tattoo opens its doors to the Jamestown community, it not only offers a space for artistic expression but also adds to the vibrant tapestry of businesses that call Cherry Street home. The fusion of “old school” and bold, bright tattooing styles creates a unique experience for customers, ensuring that the shop is poised to become a valuable addition to Jamestown’s cultural landscape.

With Black Cherry Tattoo’s combination of styles and influences, it has the potential to attract a wide and diverse clientele, cementing its place in the local tattoo scene. As Jamestown continues to evolve as a hub for art and culture, Black Cherry Tattoo’s arrival adds a fresh layer of creativity to the city’s tapestry, offering something for everyone who seeks to adorn their skin with meaningful and beautifully executed art.

The grand opening of Black Cherry Tattoo has piqued the curiosity of many in Jamestown, and as word spreads about the unique blend of styles within its walls, it’s likely to become a destination for those seeking high-quality, diverse tattoo work. The shop’s founders, Daniel May and Ann Tiscenko, have embraced their differences and crafted a space where traditional meets contemporary, and where the vibrant colors of one artist harmoniously coexist with the timeless black ink of another. Black Cherry Tattoo has arrived, and its future in Jamestown looks promising.

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