Chautauqua County Public Airports Secure $1.6 Million in State Funding

(WNY News Now) – Governor Kathy Hochul of New York State has unveiled a $49 million funding initiative aimed at enhancing infrastructure and security measures at public-use airports. Chautauqua County’s Dunkirk and Jamestown airports have collectively secured $1.6 million for pivotal upgrades, focusing on hangar doors, commercial space, heating systems, and security systems.

JAMESTOWN – In a recent announcement, Governor Kathy Hochul revealed that New York State will allocate $49 million in funding to enhance infrastructure and security measures at public-use airports across the state. Chautauqua County’s two public airports, the Dunkirk Airport and the Jamestown Airport, will receive a combined $1.6 million in funding for essential improvements.

At the forefront of these improvements is the Chautauqua County Dunkirk Airport, which is set to receive $500,000 for the replacement of two aging bi-fold hangar doors from the 1960s with modern electric bi-fold doors. This upgrade is aimed at enhancing safety and operational efficiency at the airport.

Meanwhile, the Chautauqua County Jamestown Airport will benefit from $1.1 million in funding, earmarked for several crucial projects. These projects include improving the commercial space within the airport terminal building, replacing a rapid heating system in an existing hangar, and upgrading the existing security camera system both inside and outside the terminal.

Shannon Fischer, Manager of Airports, expressed gratitude for the state funding and emphasized the significance of these improvements, stating, “We appreciate the state funding allocated to both of our Chautauqua County Airports. We are looking forward to making these much-needed improvements and investments to our airports’ infrastructure.”

The administration of these projects will be handled by the New York State Department of Transportation, ensuring that the funds are efficiently utilized to meet their intended purposes.

The allocation of funding to these projects followed a competitive solicitation process and was rated based on established criteria. The selection process considered factors such as economic benefits for surrounding communities and businesses, adherence to regional economic development plans, safety improvements, enhanced operational efficiency, and a focus on energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

This initiative signifies the state’s commitment to bolstering the aviation infrastructure and security across New York State. It also demonstrates the state’s dedication to advancing business development, promoting sustainability, and ensuring resiliency at its public-use airports.

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