Spire Theater Owners Discuss Event Changes

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(WNY News Now) – The Spire Theater, located at 317 E. 3rd St. in Jamestown, NY, has faced regulatory complications with their Nightmare Castle event, requiring them to rework the event so that it is in compliance with the requirements given to them by the Department of Labor.

Jamestown – In an interview with WNY News Now, Angelo Valentino-Giuffre and Ylsa Giuffre, owners of the theater, discussed how they were informed on Wednesday by the DOL that anything that would amuse or startle eventgoers while they were in motion was stricly prohibited without the proper permits and regulations. This severely affected the Nightmare Castle event, as they would not be able to meet those regulations on such short notice, and multiple parts of the event would be in violation of what they were told by the DOL inspectors.

With people coming to the event from several different places, some up to a 2 hour drive, the couple was unwilling to give up, and instead fell back on the adaptability gained from their extensive theater background. They spent the entire night coming up with a script for a performance that would bring the haunted house to seated patrons so that they would be in compliance with what the inspectors had told them. They are proud and excited of what they managed to achieve on such short notice, and the overwhelming consensus from those in attendence has been very positive.

Angelo and Ylsa also discussed a few other upcoming events that the community can look forward to. Next Saturday on November 4th, there will be a performance by Donna the Buffalo, with The Probables as the opening act. And on November 18th, there will be the second installment of their Backstage Jam Series at Studio Metro, which is at the back side of the theater, with Suprise Guise set to make an appearance. Tickets for those events  and any other events they host can be found at inspirejamestown.com. The Spire Theater, Studio Metro, and Backstage Jam can all be found on Facebook as well.

They finished the interview by reiterating their love and gratitude for the community, emphasizing that they couldn’t do all that they do without the support that they receive.


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