Alyssa Writes: Reg Lenna’s Rocky Horror Picture Show; Is It Worth It?

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WNY News Now – It’s almost the end of spooky season, and something that many residents of Jamestown look forward to during this time is the Reg Lenna’s showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

I somehow managed to make it nearly 22 years without seeing the film, so who better to go write a review about it than myself? I attended the interactive show last week to give my opinion about whether or not it’s worth it.

For such a big event, finding a parking spot was surprisingly easy which was definitely a good omen. The show started at 10 p.m and I got there around 9:45 which is well past my bedtime so I was a little worried that I would be too sleepy to enjoy the show but soon after entering the theater any fear I had immediately melted away. 

I felt as though I walked into Panic! at The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” music video, so many sparkly garments and colorful makeup decorated the patrons and instantly I wished I would’ve dressed up. 

For as crowded as the place was, I moved through the ticket line relatively quickly and was able to find seating to accommodate myself and four others that met up with me. Now, having never seen the show before and not really knowing anything about it, I completely overlooked the line that was next to the ticket line that was selling ‘goody bags’. Luckily, one of my party members purchased one of these bags so I could really have the full experience. 

Inside the bag was an amalgamation of seemingly random items that would soon make sense but for the time being confused me. Rice, a newspaper, pieces of toast, toilet paper and a glow stick would momentarily become the greatest gifts to mankind. 

While we waited for the show to start, who I’m assuming to be the event organizer took center stage and began some announcements. Unfortunately, I was unable to hear most of what was said as I have trouble hearing in general, but from what I could make out it seemed he was just reiterating some rules for the theater as well as cracking jokes here and there. Afterwards, newcomers were invited to join him in the front of the auditorium for a short dance lesson that, little did I know, would be the most important dance a Rocky Horror fan could learn. Then, a costume contest took place and once again I found myself wishing I had dressed up. 

The movie began shortly after, and at first I was a little confused. At seemingly random intervals, movie-goers would yell insults or questions in unison at the screen but I quickly caught onto the patterns and was able to join in. I should probably mention that if somehow you’re like me and have never seen this movie or been to this particular showing, if you intend to bring small children just be aware that the language used by the audience is even more colorful than their costumes. This didn’t bother me personally, but I feel like it should probably be mentioned in case you don’t want Little Timmy learning new words. 

Throughout the entire movie, I was throwing things at the screen, yelling, laughing, and dancing. Every rule I’d ever learned about going to the movies had been tossed out the window and I didn’t care. I did however feel bad for the clean-up crew. I hope they know they’re appreciated. 

During certain scenes, audience members that were dressed in costumes resembling the main character, Frank-n-Furter, would give dramatic re-enactments of some of the character’s most iconic scenes right under the screen, interacting with other audience members as they did so. It was definitely entertaining and quite impressive to say the least. Their performances definitely made the show even better. 

At one point, I’ll say easily over half of the audience made their way to the front to show off their dancing skills in sync with the movie and those who didn’t were clapping along to the song. I’m still not exactly sure what the movie itself is about, but there are many memorable songs in addition to a fun dance, and cues indicating when to yell at the actors on the screen. 

I couldn’t end this review without mentioning the toast. Like I mentioned previously, there were little pieces of toast in the goody bag intended to be thrown at a scene in the movie where one character proposes a toast. The pieces in my bag were bite-sized, no bigger than a quarter. Perfect size for launching a handful at a time. Well, after I had expended my handful of crispy bread, I felt something quite large hit me in the back of the head. I couldn’t see what it was in the dark, and it wasn’t until the very end when the lights came up that I saw it was an entire piece of toast. I laughed for what felt like ten minutes. 

Overall, I was assaulted by bread, misted by a squirt bottle, and am still picking bits of rice out of my hair, and I cannot wait to go again next year. I truly wish the Reg would hold this show numerous times a year, but I suppose it’s best to make fans shiver with antici…. pation, for next year’s showing. My cheeks hurt from smiling so long, and I highly recommend going at least once. I can honestly say, going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Reg Lenna will be a new tradition for me. 

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