Prepare Your Home for Winter with Energy Tips

(WNY News Now) – As winter approaches and temperatures drop homeowners may want to use essential tips to safeguard your home against the cold.

Jamestown – With the impending arrival of winter, experts emphasize the importance of readying your home for plummeting temperatures. Taking proactive measures can ensure your residence remains warm and energy-efficient throughout the season. Here are some tips to fortify your home against the winter chill:

Replace Furnace Filter: A clean filter alleviates strain on your furnace, reducing energy costs and preventing potential damage.

Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance: Ensure the efficiency of your heating system by arranging a professional HVAC technician to conduct annual maintenance.

Install Programmable Thermostat: Optimize energy usage by setting temperatures based on your family’s schedule, preventing unnecessary heating when no one is home.

Check Thermostat Batteries: Change thermostat batteries annually to maintain proper functionality.

Seal Leaks with Caulk or Weather Stripping: Prevent heat loss by sealing gaps around doors and windows.

Use a Humidifier: Combat dry winter air with a humidifier, enhancing warmth and heat retention.

Explore Balanced Billing Plans: Inquire about balanced billing or budget plans to manage winter heating costs through regular monthly payments.

Optimize Thermostat Settings: Set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature and utilize programmable features to align with your daily schedule.

Utilize Ceiling Fans: Reverse the fan direction to trap heat and keep rooms warmer during colder months.

Ensure Unblocked Air Vents: Check and clear air vents of any obstructions caused by furniture or curtains.

Harness Solar Heat: Open curtains and blinds during the day to absorb sunlight, closing them at night to minimize chill from windows.

These tips will help keep temperatures up, and heating costs down.

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