Check for Spotted Lanternflies this Fall to Safeguard Local Ecosystems

(WNY News Now) – As fall sets in, it’s prime time to be vigilant for spotted lanternflies (SLF). Detecting and reporting these invasive insects is crucial for protecting vital ecosystems and preventing potential economic and environmental damage.

New York – As autumn unfolds, be on the lookout for spotted lanternflies (SLF), an invasive species with a penchant for sapping the life from plants, including grape vines, maples, and other ecologically and agriculturally significant species. With their population likely to persist until the first hard frost, it’s essential to identify both adult lanternflies and their freshly laid egg masses, which will overwinter and give rise to next year’s generation.

The impact of SLF on the economy and environment is a growing concern. Their feeding habits pose a threat to key plant species, potentially disrupting the delicate balance of local ecosystems.

To combat the spread of SLF, citizens are urged to become proactive. Join the statewide network of scientists and volunteers devoted to monitoring and tracking the invasive species. Take a stroll outdoors, inspecting for SLF, and contribute your findings to iMapInvasives, an online database dedicated to invasive species. Every report is valuable, regardless of whether SLF is detected or not.

When searching for SLF egg masses, pay special attention to flat man-made surfaces and their undersides, such as metal barrels and vehicles. Additionally, inspect tree trunks and branches, as these areas are common hotspots for these invasive pests.

By actively participating in the monitoring effort, individuals can play a crucial role in preserving local ecosystems and curbing the potential detrimental effects of spotted lanternflies.

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