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  1. Comment about what? The sex offenders? It depends on what their sex offenders was actually!!! Thus comment wad about the ad uo that the top asking of illegal immigrants should get social security benefits and the answer is FUC* NOOOOOO!!!! WHY WOULD THEY? THE FACT THIDBIS RVEN BEING ASKED PROVES WHY AMERICA IS A DAMN JOKE!!!! NOW AND LEAD BY CORRUPTION AND RETARTED LEADERS AND GOVERMANT TBAT ARE PICKING ON US LOW INCOME AMERICANS TRYING TO RAISIE GOOD CHIKDREN BUT YOU HUT US WITH BUNK CHARGES AND FINES YOU KJKW WE CANT PAY HOLDING US DOWN IN A TEAP AND COMSTANT THREAT OF BEING RIPPED FROM OUR FAMILYS AND CHIKDREN BEING SENT TO PRISON TOR THE MOST MINOR CHARGES THAT ARE NOT EVEN CRIMINAL OFFENSES DESERVING OF JAIL TIME PERUOD BUT YOU KNOW WERE TO POOR TO FIGHT EM AND ITS TERRIBKE THIS IS ALK DONE SO WHATVER “LAW ENFORCEMENT” OFFICER CAN UP THEIR RESUME nd helps the department raise their budgets the pay thr vop more Tay dollars so they can Haras the tax payers all day and it’s total and complete bullshit and corruption in the worst disgusting way and makes me puke that i offered my life uonfor this countrtry at 18yrs old just to be trapped and hareas3d by everyone illegally

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