“Mafia Buffalo vs. the Multiverse” Hits Shelves

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(WNY News Now) – Local Filmmaker and Writer, Travis Carlson, a Gerry, native, and former Buffalo Bills and Sabres employee, has ventured into the realm of fantasy with his latest creation, “Mafia Buffalo vs. the Multiverse.” 

Buffalo, N.Y. – In an interview with WNY News Now, Travis Carlson shared insights into his imaginative project that brings a new dimension to the Buffalo Bills’ story. Carlson, who grew up just outside Jamestown, has had a diverse career, including a five-year stint with the Buffalo Bills and Sabres before establishing his own company, Pan American Films, in 2020.

His latest venture, “Mafia Buffalo vs. the Multiverse,” takes readers on a journey that transcends the boundaries of reality. The hardcover book, which Carlson has been working on for the past 15 months, introduces an alternative narrative to the Buffalo Bills’ seasons. Imagine the Bills as heroic fantasy characters facing off against villainous opponents for 17+ weeks, navigating past droughts, blizzards, and the unimaginable.

The book weaves a tale from the era of the Great Drought to the discovery of a farmboy named Josh of Allentown, culminating in an unbillievable quest to save Strongheart Hamlin—a narrative truly worthy of Buffalo’s spirit. Carlson describes his creation as a Buffalo Bill Wild West show, transforming the team into legendary figures traversing an imaginary Wild Western New York. Each week, corresponding to the actual game schedule, the team encounters a different part of the multiverse, facing supervillains from alternate realities.

Travis Carlson’s project blends the world of sports with fantasy, portraying Buffalo Bills players as larger-than-life heroes in a saga reminiscent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The heightened reality they face each week corresponds to the opponents they play, turning routine football matchups into epic clashes against formidable foes.

After 15 months of dedicated work, Carlson recently received the finished product just days before Thanksgiving. The 224-page hardcover book, filled with vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, has garnered significant attention. Carlson ordered 600 copies, and within the last two weeks, all have sold out. The book is now available for purchase at local bookstores such as Chautauqua Comics and Good Neighbor Bookstore in Lakewood, offering fans a chance to own a unique collectible or gift.

As the buzz around “Mafia Buffalo vs. the Multiverse” continues to grow, Carlson hints at potential book signings in the Fredonia and Dunkirk areas. For those interested in this once-in-a-lifetime fantasy adventure, the book is also accessible through Pan American Films’ official website at panamericanfilms.com.

The 224-page, full-color hardcover book promises not only to be a captivating read but also an essential collectible, destined to find a prominent place on the coffee tables of avid Buffalo Bills fans and fantasy enthusiasts alike.

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