Second Circuit Court Upholds New York’s Concealed Carry Legislation

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(WNY News Now) – Albany, N.Y. – Governor Kathy Hochul responded to the Second Circuit’s recent decision supporting key elements of New York’s pioneering concealed carry laws, emphasizing their role in safeguarding public safety.

“In the wake of a reckless Supreme Court decision that stripped away a key tool I had as Governor to protect New Yorkers from gun violence, I worked with the Legislature to craft nation-leading concealed carry laws to protect public safety. These laws instituted common-sense protections to strengthen background checks, protect sensitive locations, and ensure permits are issued responsibly. Now, even after a year of legal assault from right-wing extremists, core tenets of our laws remain in effect following today’s ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Public safety is my top priority, and I’ll continue my efforts to keep New Yorkers safe.”


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