WNY News Now is a locally owned and operated news publisher based in Jamestown, New York. Founded in 2016, and supported by community advertisers, our journalists produce content on, WNYNewsNow.com, our mobile app, social media and Channel 716 on Roku.

Connect with our followers to heighten brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads and get your message out.

Website/App Advertisements

These are static image ads that will display on both the WNY News Now website and mobile app that will direct users to your website when clicked. Below are examples for each type of ad:

3×1 Tile Ad

$150 per week*

3×3 Box Ad

$200 per week*

Broadcast Commercials

These are video commercials that will play during our daily news broadcast.

15-second spot: $225 per week*
30-second spot: $325 per week*
60-second spot: $425 per week*

Program Sponsorship

Have your organization’s name associated with one of our tv programs on Channel 716 (e.g. The Lucy Show). Prices start at $250 per week.*

Business Spotlights

We will put a 5 minute segment about your business in one of our daily broadcasts. A spotlight costs $350.

Production Services

Contact us for pricing.

Contact Us:

Email: newsdesk@wnynewsnow.com
Telephone: (303) 591-9873

*Subject to a 4 week commitment