Chautauqua County Fair To Improve Animal Barns For 2019 Events

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DUNKIRK – It’s only January, but plans are under way to make improvements to various parts of the fairgrounds, especially in the animal barns.

Fair President Dave Wilson told WNYNewsNow it’s hard to say what new things will be finalized until after this year’s fair convention.

The Fair will start July 15.

“We’re meeting every month, actually it’s a year-long process for the fair board,” Wilson said. “There’ll be some updates in the animal barns. The fair received some grants from NY State Ag and Markets. We’re going to repaint the dairy barn.”

New, brighter lights will also be added, he said.

He said there will also be a new floor for the hog barn with the concrete pour this spring. The goat exhibit will be moved to a stand-alone pavilion.

Wilson said the 4-H participants “always like a brand new updated barn.”

He said the geopgraphy of the county make it tough to draw people compared to other county fairs.

“Usually in the fair business they say you draw from a 50-mile radius around your fair. And thats the people you really concentrate on to getting to your fair,” he said. “Draw a 50-mile radius around Dunkirk and half your people are going to be fish. So I’m already behind the 8-ball before you get started.”

He touted the cost for admission to the fair, which remains at $7.

“We pride ourselves on keeping it a family friendly fair,” he said.

Wilson explained that it is difficult to get bigger name entertainment because the fair doesn’t have a covered pavilion like other local fairs. He said people wait on tickets because of the weather.

But one thing the fair hangs its hat on is motorsports events.

“For some reason Chautauqua County Fair has always been a motorsport type fairgrounds. The people around here love the mototsports. If it makes noise the people will come to Dunkirk,” he said.

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