Fletcher Elementary Students Compete For “Golden Spatula”

Submitted Image From JPS

JAMESTOWN – Students at Fletcher Elementary School compete each day to win a “golden spatula”, what teachers said is an honor to achieve.

Each day, a classroom at each grade level is chosen due to their excellent behavior in the cafeteria for the special honor of parading around with the “golden spatula.”

The school’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) team developed the program to help improve behaviors in the cafeteria.

“It is a big deal to win the Golden Spatula as they get to walk around the cafeteria and everyone claps for them. The kids get very excited,” said Gillian LaMancuso, Fletcher School Counselor and member of the school’s PBIS team. “It is something that has worked very well. They really look forward to it and it has helped with our PBIS program in the cafeteria.”

At the end of the month, the Fletcher PBIS team adds up the scores for the daily winning classes at each grade level and chose a monthly grade level winner to receive an ice cream party with decorated tables and balloons. A big thank you to the Fletcher PTA who generously donates money for the ice cream and decorations each month.

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