Red Raiders Coach “Humbled” By Award

Tom Langworthy, @tomlangworthy, Twitter.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Red Raiders varsity head football coach Tom Langworthy said he feels “humbled” yet a bit uncomfortable after recently receiving the Legacy Builder Award.

“I feel humbled by it. I almost feel, in a sense, a little bit uncomfortable by it,” Langworthy said during an interview Tuesday morning with WNYNewsNow. “I made the post (on social media) because I am proud of it, but at the same time, but like I said in the post, because it’s shared.”

“I feel uncomfortable getting the credit, for that, sometimes because there are so many people whose hard work and efforts have gone into it,” Langworthy said. When asked if the award provides any additional motivation, Langworthy said it doesn’t.

“The award isn’t providing extra motivation because I always feel motivated,” Langworthy said. “That’s just kind of who I am, how I’ve always been, and how I’m wired.”

Langworthy said winning the award “is special” because the award focuses on character building rather than wins and losses.

“This award was more special because it’s based more on energy and dedication to working with young people,” Langworthy said. The coach added that the award is from a group called Crosstraining Athletics, which works throughout Sections V and VI.

Langworthy, who’s also an assistant principal at JHS, said he’s very grateful to be coaching in the City of Jamestown, especially as fans, coaches and players alike love football.

“I think coaching in Jamestown has always been a special thing,” Langworthy said. “I share that feeling with Coach (Wally) Huckno and Coach (Sam) Restivo, as well. Coaching in Jamestown is special, football means a lot to people around here, and it’s a special tradition that there’s a winning program.”

“I’m thankful that I coach in a place where the community supports it.”

Langworthy said that, on Monday, players began performing an off-season weight lifting program. He added that his coaching staff has high standards for their players in regards to their weight lifting.

Langworthy became head coach of the Red Raiders in 2008.

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  1. Humbled, huh. Well it’s about time. This guy was such a bully when he was younger and now he’s some local sports hero. I bet he motivates his athletes to be bullies, too. Congratulations assistant principal and head coach, I hope you realize the importance of character building.

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